The AI Marketing Awards

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Submit by Dec 1, 2023

The AI Marketing Awards is an innovative competition where AI (Artificial Intelligence) not only crafts the marketing campaign submissions but also judges the results. This is a historic first in the marketing industry.
Any individual, team, or organization that uses AI to develop marketing campaigns can participate in the AI Marketing Awards.
Our sophisticated AI judge impartially rates the entries on a scale of 1-10 in three key aspects: Strategy, Creativity, and Results.

You can submit your AI-created marketing campaigns here.

‘AI-written submissions’ means that the marketing campaigns submitted for judging are created by Artificial Intelligence, rather than human marketing professionals.
Yes, the AI Marketing Awards are open to participants worldwide.
We’ve eliminated them.
Direct your energies to generating the best submission. The AI Marketing Awards is an arena that uplifts and honors the most innovative, momentous, and influential marketing campaigns of 2022-2023, undeterred by their category or industry. It’s your impact that counts, not the category you fit into.

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